Save money on care

Jabil gets it: you want high-quality care but don’t want to pay more than you have to. Here are the top ways to make your dollars go further.

Maximize your HSA (Healthy Plus participants).

If you’re enrolled in Healthy Plus, your Health Savings Account (HSA) gives you triple tax advantages on dollars you contribute — and on Jabil’s contributions. Here’s how to maximize your HSA:

  • Contribute as much as you can without going over the annual IRS limits (for 2021: $3,650 single/$7,300 family, plus $1,000 for age 55+).
  • Remember, Jabil contributions and Virgin Pulse incentives you (and/or your enrolled spouse) earn count toward the annual IRS limits.

You can stop or change your current contributions at any time. Contact My Jabil Benefits Service Center at 844.267.2359.

Stay in-network.

When you use in-network providers and facilities, you pay less out of pocket than for out-of-network care. Is your provider or facility in-network? Call the Concierge Services Team at 833.361.0224 for help finding an in-network provider who fits your needs. You can also search for providers online.

Prepare for care that needs pre-approval.
Aetna requires you get pre-approval/precertification for certain medical procedures and prescription drugs, including many specialty drugs. Be sure to talk with your doctor before you receive care and then contact Aetna.
Check for billing errors.

Mistakes happen, so review your medical bills and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms carefully. If you find an error, contact your medical plan administrator. You can also contact Health Advocate for help understanding your bills, negotiating a balance, making a payment plan and knowing your rights to appeal a denied claim.

Know what prescriptions are covered.
Based on your need, you or your doctor should review the drug formulary, specialty drug list and exclusions to help you get the right medicine at the best cost.

Also ask your doctor to prescribe generics instead of brand name drugs when possible. And take advantage of the programs Aetna has in place to keep costs down, such as Step Therapy and Prior Authorization.

Aetna also offers 90-day supplies either by Mail Order Home Delivery or at a CVS Pharmacy store for a convenient way to fill your long-term (maintenance) prescriptions at Mail Order copays/coinsurance.

On a maintenance drug? Think mail order.
Mail order can save you time and money on prescription drugs you take on a regular basis. You can also get 90-day supplies from CVS Pharmacy stores, with pickup and delivery options, for a convenient way to fill your maintenance prescriptions at Mail Order copays/coinsurance. Remember, if you’re in Healthy Plus, your eligible preventive medications are covered with no deductible. Check the Preventive Drug List.
Have an FSA? Use it or lose it.

Use your Healthcare FSA or Limited Purpose Healthcare FSA to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision and prescription drug expenses using your debit card within the calendar year. You can’t use your debit card for expenses incurred in a prior calendar year.

Use your Dependent Care FSA to pay for eligible dependent care expenses (NOT healthcare-related expenses), such as daycare, after-school programs for children up to age 13, and elder care.

And be sure to use your FSA money by December 31 — you lose any money left at the end of the year. File your claims by March 31 of the next plan year.

Learn more at WEX.

Healthy Premier participants: Manage your HRA.

The Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) pays for your first dollars spent on eligible medical and prescription drug expenses and applies toward your annual deductible. HRA money at year-end rolls over if you stay in Healthy Premier. Your HRA is managed by Aetna.

Know where you can use Healthcare FSA dollars.

If you’re enrolled in the Healthcare FSA, check out FSAstore. Here you can find and purchase FSA-eligible products.

Save money on health products.
You can save money on health care products and more through Aetna. Log on to learn more.