Decide where to go for care

If you or a family member is sick or hurt, you have multiple options to consider. Sometimes you need care right away and your doctor isn’t available. And maybe you just don’t know what to do.

Choose a primary doctor.
Your primary doctor has a handle on your health history and should be your go-to when you need routine care. If you need more specialized care, your primary can help coordinate the referral. Don’t have a primary doctor? Use the Aetna provider directory. Or, the Concierge Services Team or Health Advocate can help find one to fit your needs.
For mental health care: first go to LifeWorks, then your Jabil medical plan.
If you need care for more than five EAP visits, contact Aetna to find a specialized provider.
Consider urgent care.

If you’re thinking of heading to the emergency room for a non-emergency, think twice. ERs are typically the most expensive places to receive care, and you can expect a long wait. Plus, if you go to the ER for a non-emergency, the plan will only pay 50% after you meet your deductible. Urgent care facilities can treat many routine problems for a much lower cost.

Remember, though, in a true medical emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

When a visit isn’t convenient, consider Teladoc.

If you’re enrolled in a Jabil medical plan, you can use Teladoc when you’re not up for a trip to the doctor’s office, including specialists, or urgent care. Teladoc is a convenient, affordable option for routine healthcare and mental healthcare. Teladoc offers visits with board-certified doctors who can diagnose many conditions and even prescribe medication.

To get started, use online video or call 855.835.2362.

Try MinuteClinic®

MinuteClinic®, available at some CVS Pharmacy locations, offers services for things like minor illnesses and injuries, skin conditions, physicals, vaccinations and injections.

Talk with a nurse 24/7, for free.

Health concerns can pop up day or night, especially with a child. Jabil medical coverage includes a 24-hour phone service. Call Nurseline at 800.556.1555 to:

  • Ask questions about symptoms to see if they’re serious enough to see a doctor.
  • Ask about medication safety and side effects.
  • Get guidance on the right place to get care.
Get help making healthcare decisions.

Not sure where to start? All benefit-eligible employees and family members have access to Health Advocate, a free service to help you navigate the healthcare system and make informed decisions. When you call Health Advocate, they can help to find a provider, schedule appointments, get a second opinion, find answers to questions about test results and medications, and review claims and billing issues.