Care for my emotional health and resilient self

Emotional health is as important as your physical health. That’s why Jabil offers emotional health resources for you and your family. Jabil cares about supporting resiliency at every stage of your life and provides resources to help you cope with life’s stressors in healthy ways.

Take advantage of FREE confidential counseling.

Anxiety, depression, substance abuse and relationship problems are far more common than you might think. You wouldn’t hesitate to seek help for chronic back pain, so don’t hesitate to seek help for mental/emotional pain that’s affecting your life. Through the LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you’re eligible for up to five free, confidential counseling visits.

All full-time employees and family members are eligible — you don’t need to participate in a Jabil medical plan.

You can also get behavioral health care through your medical plan. If you (or a family member) need more than five visits, search for behavioral health providers through Aetna.

Use on-demand resources for work/life balance.

LifeWorks helps with resources and support when you or a loved one needs help in any area of life. At, you’ll find support for issues with family, health, money and work.

Explore the self-assessments, financial calculators, child- and eldercare resources, legal resources and topic-focused toolkits. You’ll even find articles, podcasts, fitness workouts and retailer discounts.

LifeWorks will also refer you to a resource under your Jabil medical plan.

Look at Teladoc for mental healthcare.

Easy and convenient Teladoc visits are available for mental healthcare through Aetna.

Take time (off) to decompress.

You need to rest, recharge and create a healthy balance in your life. That’s the purpose of Jabil’s time off program — take advantage! Your local HR representative has the details.

Connect with LifeWorks 3 ways.
  • Call 855.397.2216 to talk with a dedicated EAP team member 24/7.
  • Use the LifeWorks app: download through the Apple App Store or Google Play; Login: Jabil; Password: 1104.
  • Go to Login: Jabil; Password: 1104.
Explore other mental healthcare resources
Look to national organizations for more resources to help you know more about and live with mental illness, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Also through the CDC, find information to help children of all ages cope with issues stemming from COVID-19.

You’ll find Jabil’s COVID-19 protocols on JabilWeb